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Kiwis - We are so ready to take you on one of our amazing gourmet hiking escapes this summer! Get a group of 4-10 together, pick a tour and departure date and get in touch. Check out our popular Guide Series Short Escapes

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We are not taking any DEPOSITS from international friends until we have certainty our borders are open again so you can dream and plan with no risk. Fill out our form to the right with your ideal travel dates and our preferred tour and we'll be touch.

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Guided, small group and pack-free walking tours with local food and wine tasting experiences...

From lush native bush, waterfalls and rolling landscapes, to the pristine coastlines of New Zealand's North Island our carefully curated tours are for those who love the outdoors and active adventures.

Our unique itineraries combine pack-free day hikes with food and wine tasting experiences for small groups (maximum of 10). A simple concept, but we think it's beautiful.

Hiking. Eating. Tramping. Tasting. Walking. Savouring.

We live for exploring the tracks and trails across our beautiful country. Discovering those 'wow' moments just around the corner or at the next vista. We'd love for you to experience what our land has to offer too.

Just pack your hiking boots, we'll take care of the rest!

Customer review

Sarah and I  just wanted to thank you again to you and James for making yesterday so special. Everything about the day was just perfect and James’s local knowledge and guiding skills were superb.

The picnic on the beach was awesome, as was the platter at The Retreat at the Falls, Emma is so likeable and her enthusiasm for what they are trying achieve is wonderful to see.

The team at The Honey Farm were so kind and it was such a treat to taste so many different varieties and learn so much about Manuka.

Of course, the whole day came together so seamlessly because of your superb organisational skills and all delivered with a smile at all times.

Thank you again and we wish you good health and happiness. We have fallen in love with your beautiful country!


Pristine coastlines, cascading waterfalls and rugged landscapes. A place where the manicured meets character for a uniquely Kiwi experience through the Coromandel Peninsula.


For the adventurous by nature, those who prefer the path less travelled and are up for a challenge, explore secret tracks in the Waikato region, deep in the heart of the North Island.

The great outdoors and great food. A match made in heaven!

We like to keep it simple. No big secrets, just some of our favourite hand-picked hikes, paired with delicious local food experiences. Good for the tastebuds, great for the soul.

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