A planning day in the great outdoors

A full day designed to use nature to improve your individual and team contribution to a powerful planning or strategy offsite. 

Use our unique bush boardroom to increase mental clarity. We take a stripped back and unplugged approach to these days - minimal distractions for the best results. A morning mindful hike will prepare the team for the session, with their creativity boosted by up to 60%!

Duration: 7 hours
Group size: 6 - 16 people

$300 - $500pp (plus GST)

Programme overview

Mindful hike, 1 hour: The morning begin with being mindful in nature to destress, tune in to the rhythm of your intuition and reduce cluttered and unproductive thinking. Kylie will give your team all the tools they need to engage all their senses, and tap into the unconscious wilderness of our brain. This is a powerful way to destress, reconnect and promote divergent thinking ready for the planning session.

Morning tea: Hot drinks and light refreshments.

Ancient forest highlights tour, 30 minutes: As we make our way into the bush boardroom, hear from Sanctuary Mountain staff about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees and what makes the conservation project at Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari truly special as the largest mainland ecological island in the world!

Strategy/planning session: Exclusive use of our bush boardroom table for your session.

Lunch: Buffet-style lunch served in the forest shelter (which also serves as a breakout area).

Wellness break: Short walk to the forest canopy tower

Strategy/planning session resumes: Exclusive use of our bush boardroom table for your session.

Morning or afternoon tea: Light refreshments and hot drinks to conclude the day with some shared reflection.

Programme runs from 8.30am or 9am and finishes at 3.30 or 4pm.

NOTE: The above programme is for a company-facilitated planning day. If you would like to bring in an external facilitator, please enquire. 

All packages INCLUDE a built-in contribution from your company to the
incredible conservation work of the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust.

*All prices New Zealand dollars and GST exclusive.

OPTION: Add a workshop on the mountain with one of our experts...

Wild food foraging experience with Ashley Budd

Ever wondered how ancient civilizations knew what to use plants for? 

As an elite ex-military operator, Ash will take you on a journey through to help you understand the lost language of plants and discover edible weeds and natives you never knew existed! Learn about the nutritional benefits, culinary, medicinal and survival uses of plants.

Connect with nature and discover nutrient dense wild plants which help with weight loss, strengthen your immune system and aid in harmonising our bodies and minds in a busy life. Touch, smell, taste and reconnect the missing link with wild plants. 

Leadership & corporate culture with Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller – Roar Coaching

Andrew supports organisations and teams to create and live their desired culture. Not nice words on a wall, but real, heartfelt, passionate environments where we ‘show up’ and create something meaningful. 

With experience with a number of professional sports teams and corporates, Andrew is an ideal fit for your facilitated leadership or company cultural session in our bush boardroom if you are looking to connect more deeply with yourselves, and each other as a team. Get the team environment right, and you’ve laid the foundation for awesomeness!

The power of breathing: Breathwork with Sandro Mota

Experience the amazing benefits of mind set coaching. 

Quieten your inner critic, ground yourself, spark inspiration and refine your focus. Sandro’s mind workshops are perfect for people looking to: 
- Change your mindset 
- Stress & anxiety management 
- Sleep coaching

Sandro is an award-winning wellness coach with over 16 professional qualifications, crowned top 5 Mr Universe, professional physique athlete in 2017. With over 20 years experience in the wellness industry he has helped thousands of clients throughout his career.

More optional inclusions

  • Do you have your own external facilitator? Why not suggest a session with them at our bush boardroom following a 'walking primer' - a little more exciting than a four-walled room and whiteboard!
  • Give back to conservation: Is your team feeling fit and strong? Get hands on with giving back to conservation by lending a hand to the rangers by clearing monitoring tracks.

Tell me more about...

Transport: How do we get there?

All all packages are bespoke so we can either arrange transport for you from Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu or surrounding areas, or you and the team can meet us at Maungatautari. Although we base our packages primarily around Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari (20 minutes from Cambridge) we can also create a package for you at a different location within the Waikato or Coromandel accessing one of the over 20 walking tracks we operate on, or visiting one of the several artisan foodie producers we have great relationships with. 

Rain / weather policy

We will go ahead with the agreed programme if there is rain on the day(s), as long as it is safe to do so. If your group has booked the bush boardroom for a session, we will make a call no later than 2 hours before this session whether to move it into the covered (open-faced) events centre in the Southern Enclosure.

Fitness requirements

We know that not everyone will be experienced when it comes to the outdoors and hiking, and that's fantastic. Getting a little out of comfort zone in safe hands is what it's all about. We can cater to most fitness levels and abilities and will work within your groups capabilities. As a rough guideline, individuals should be able to walk for an hour continuously with some steep incline at gentle pace.


Sanctuary Mountain tracks all have gradients which makes wheelchair access difficult or impossible, depending on the ability of the person using the chair, their supporters and the sort of chair. The tracks are metalled but not smooth so it can take quite a lot of strength to move a wheelchair. There is an unavoidable gradient down to the entrance through the fence. We would like to be more accessible but the terrain makes this difficult and, being a Charitable Trust, we need to find funding for any alterations and additions.

100% New Zealand owned and operated business

We are a family run business who have been running highly rated hiking and food tours since 2017. We're approved DOC concession operators and we've achieved a GOLD Qualmark endorsement for our experiences.


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