Our small, dedicated team of guides are all passionate outdoor lovers with years of experience in the New Zealand bush.

Owners Steve and Kylie Rae

We are a small, family run business. Except we don’t run, we walk. Well, hike to be specific. And we eat good food and drink good wine.

It’s safe to say that hiking and eating fast became a favourite hobby of ours. As a small girl, my parents would take me on tramping adventures (what we Kiwi’s call hiking) and quiz me on native trees and birds. I wish I had paid more attention to the answers now! For Steve and I, our love of the outdoors was cemented together when we had the opportunity to walk in the Himalayas several years ago, one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

Shortly after, we joined the expat crew living in London and spent our time there working, travelling and of course, hiking. We took the long way home, hiking trails and climbing mountains in many different countries. We chose to spend all the pennies we saved sampling local cuisine and eating like royals. We also booked a few guided hiking tours with small groups which we absolutely loved. We still stay in touch with many of the awesome people we met on these tours.

Our light bulb moment came during a day hike on the small island of Chiloe in Chile. 

After nearly getting lost and hitchhiking our way out to a trail we had heard whispers about, we were discussing the pros and cons of self-guided versus locally guided hiking tours when in a foreign country. We were also drooling at the thought of the chorillana, (a delicious Chilean dish recommended to us by a local), that we were going to enjoy after our 20km adventure. 

And just like that, the idea for Nature & Nosh Tours was born. Hiking and eating. Tramping and tasting. Walking and savouring. 

It took an overseas trip for us to realise just how lucky we were to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the great outdoors on our back door step. When we eventually got home, we decided to take two of our favourite things in life and marry them together into our unique, fully inclusive, guided tours – a way for us to show off our slice of paradise to many new groups of friends.

Meet our guides...

James Corban

Never found too far from his walking boots, James has been an outdoorsman all his life. "There’s nothing like a good fire with good company, a few quiet ales, some good stories and a guitar tune or two. Beats staring at a TV!"

James grew up in the Bay of Plenty, but now lives in Paeroa with his family. He’s most at home in the hills with good company, although he misses being able to bring his dog along on adventures! He has a wealth of experience in the wilderness, working in pest control, for the Department of Conservation and owning a business. Being a local lad, he makes the most of the regions proximity of sea to land, often going hunting, fishing, horse riding and snorkling.

James reckons when it comes to the nosh, it’s pretty hard to beat a nice roast leg of hogget with vegetables. "Or, fresh fish marinated in lemon, add coconut cream, onion, chopped tomato and cucumber. Am I allowed two favourites? I could easily add a third," he says.

Steve 'Coxy' Cox

Coxy is a true Jack of all trades. Whatever he turns his hand to, he picks up like a natural. A trained engineer, he's our go to man for solutions. Between tours he lends the Department of Conservation a hand as a hut warden on the Pinnacles track (included on our Coastal Charm tours!), guiding groups and making sure everyone has a bed or a camping spot for the night.

Steve and his wife Karyn also own and manage one of our beautiful lodges, Mangotahi Lodge in the Kauaeranga Valley, a country-style stunner they built from scratch together. If you join us on our Coastal Charm classic or taster tour, you'll enjoy a stay here and will be spoiled by Karyn's incredible home cooking.

Irene Frederikson

Irene loves sharing our great outdoors with like-minded souls. “I really enjoy meeting new people, learning from them, seeing the wonder on their faces when we show them our special places. It’s great having a global network of people who just love being ‘out there’”. A local Waikato girl through and through, having retired from a business management background a few years ago, she now runs a farm at Waitomo but regularly gets out for hiking adventures on her own or with friends when the mountains call. Favourite kiwi foods include watercress (how very healthy!), mutton or wild pork in the slow cooker, mussels, crayfish, snapper, flounder - in fact any self-harvested fish or game, topped off with a Nelson sav.

Irene has been a volunteer bush craft instructor with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council for 15 years, so has oodles of experience. She loves learning about the bush, is positive about sustainability and minimalised living.

Of her overseas travel, she fell in love with the mountains in Switzerland, “the summer alpine life, spending time in the smaller villages, their customs and traditions.” The Scottish Highlands hold an appeal for future travel.

Peter Nichol

From a young age, Peter could be found sneaking out of school to climb the mountains and hills of the Coromandel Penninsula. Born and raised in the beautiful Kauaeranga Valley, the outdoors was his playground. Dedicating a good chunk of his life to controlling New Zealand’s pest populations, often in remote areas, Peter knows his way around the bush here like the back of his hand and has a deep interest in conservation. 

A self-taught farmer, he currently runs a beef farm in the Waikato with close to 300 cattle. Peter still heads for the hills whenever he can, looking for new tracks to explore or walking his favourite one – the Homunga Bay track, which he says is “a great example of New Zealand coastal bush, you really can’t beat its beauty when the pohutakawas are blooming”. He loves seeing the enjoyment that visitors get out of our native bush walks, views and special places. When not farming or on tour, you’ll find him fishing rod in hand, trying to spot that elusive brown trout in the solitude of our backcountry rivers, or perhaps enjoying his favourite tipple, a Glenmorangie whiskey or exploring other parts of New Zealand. Peter is also Kylie's dad - keeping it in the family!

Rose Morcom

Born and raised on the Coromandel, one of New Zealand's most natural and unspoiled regions, Rose's family that has been “cutting tracks” throughout peninsula for generations. She has inherited a deep passion for discovery and exploration of the great outdoors that this country has to offer. Having an interest in fitness and meeting new people she’s a perfect fit for what she considers her dream job in being a hiking guide.
In her spare time, she dives into a bit of DIY, renovating, building, gardening and is also a volunteer firefighter at the local Cooks Beach brigade. A local through and through, Rose loves sharing with our visitors the best places to grab a coffee, go wine tasting and where you can find the best fish and chips on the Eastern peninsula. She walks, eats, lives and breathes the sea air that is the Coromandel.


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