The Nature: Why hike with us?

Take it from two Kiwis who have travelled and hiked many amazing trails around the world, New Zealand has something pretty special. As a hiking destination, we have so much to offer. It's hard to beat being able to hike along the coast one day, up to a waterfall the next. Then, with just a short journey head to completely new views of rolling landscapes and dramatic peaks.

The Nosh: Reward your efforts

You've spent the day exploring new land by foot. Your legs have carried you up to scenic vistas and down the other side again. Along winding paths and through lush native New Zealand bush. You've chalked up some decent miles, taking it all in and having conversations with new friends along the way. Your legs are wary but your mood is soaring. Time for some treats. Let's reward your efforts some local flavours and stories from the flavour creators. Gin tasting? Cheese sampling anyone? That's our recipe.

We like to keep it simple. No big secrets, just some of our favourite tracks, paired with the back door keys to some incredible local food and wine producers. Good for the tastebuds, great for the soul.

The gift of time

We spent many months hiking the globe, and many more before that researching, planning, and organising, then reorganising and crisis control when things didn’t go to plan. It would have been really handy to have a local planner, someone who could arrange everything for us…

Let us give you the gift of time. Our tours are genuinely fully-inclusive. That means everything is included once you're here - transfers, all meals, generous wine for the tables, ALL tastings, premium boutique accommodation, local guides, logistics behind the scenes and everything in between. So pack a bag and grab your hiking boots. We'll take care of the rest.

Quality over quantity

We believe strongly in taking the time to soak up the atmosphere of new places and cultures. We choose experiences over sights and quality over quantity, rather than trying to cram as many places as possible into an itinerary.

We invested a lot of our time in putting together our tour so that we aren't rushing you from one place to the next. We stay at least two nights at each base before heading to the next corner to explore. Our walks are about more than just getting from A to B. We let the group dictate the pace that best suits them and keep our numbers small (maximum of ten).

Local hosts

Our guides spend most of their spare time outdoors walking New Zealand tracks. They all live in the regions we invite you to walk in. It's their job to keep you safe so you can relax and put your full energy into enjoying the hike without having to worry about checking track conditions or navigating. Plus they are just genuinely good people.

A little comfort never hurt nobody

You don't have to compromise on comfort to experience walking some of our most beautiful and back-country tracks. We'll take a hot shower, three-course meal, glass of wine and a warm bed over a sleeping mat on the ground in a tent any day. Certainly makes it easier to roll out of bed the next morning ready to do it all again.

During our tours, you will stay in premium lodges and boutique bed and breakfasts with local hosts. Most of our rooms have ensuites and some even have views. Our luxury vehicles are spacious and comfortable, which makes a difference on some New Zealand roads, trust us!

Sustainability: How we do better

If everyone just made the commitment to do better, rather than do perfect, what a difference that would make.


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