Why local cuisine and landscapes are the perfect recipe for active travellers

For today's traveller, it's no longer enough to visit new places and 'see' the sights. 

Tick. Seen that. Click. Look at my picture - proof I've seen that. Your travel checklist is satisfyingly neat and complete, but somehow you're left feeling like it was all a race to see as many sights and visit as many attractions as possible. 

Visiting the 'must see' places in a new country or region is just the way travel is done, right? You're spending hard earned income on this trip, so you want to make the most of it. You want bang for your buck.

Well, we're not convinced. We're not convinced that quantity over quality is the magic formula when it comes to travel.

We believe strongly in taking the time to soak up the atmosphere of new places and cultures. We  seek experiences over sights and rather than trying to cram as many places as possible into an itinerary, we look for balance.

The hiking and tasting equilibrium

If you're an outdoor lover, an adventurer by heart (you're NEVER too old for adventure) - you probably seek out active holidays. Museums? Art galleries? Cities? No thanks. Your gallery of choice? Nature. You'd much rather head for the hills and compare the contrasts of the new landscapes to the ones back home. You seek to learn interesting facts about the countryside around you from a local and knowledgeable guide.

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore a new country if you enjoy the serenity of nature and dramatic scenery. You might be the type of person that takes in every little detail, like how the trail surfaces differ from trails at home, the diversity of the flora or the strange wildlife. Or, you might be the type who simply soaks up the atmosphere, taking it all in - embracing the feeling. Either way, you're surrendering yourself to full sensory integration. The new sights, smells, sounds and textures of the wilderness around you in a foreign setting.

All that's missing is taste. That's where the nosh comes in (nosh is a slang word for food in New Zealand). There's nothing better than experiencing a new culture through taste.

Sitting down to a seasonal tasting platter of the region's finest flavours after a six hour climb is the next level. Now that's an experience.

There's something incredibly satisfying about diving into indulgence (fresh seafood, local wine anyone?) after some active exploring.

Meeting the local wine maker while sampling their vino? Now that's what we call sensory immersive travel. Your memories will be a hundred times more powerful than a photograph (tick) because you've got all your senses to call on.

The beauty of sensory travel

We invested a lot of our time in putting together unique tours and experience so that we aren't rushing you from one place to the next. We stay at least two nights at each of our beautiful lodges and guesthouses before heading to the next corner to explore. 

Our hikes are much more than an exercise in getting from A to B. We let the group dictate the pace and keep our numbers small (maximum of ten) so that you can make new friends over the shared experiences of taking in new scenery and flavours.

Sensory travel - it's more than ticking off the sights. It's truly experiencing everything a land has to offer in high definition, using all your senses.


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