Meet the team: James Corban

Q & A with the man from the Bay

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. My parents have a three acre property that was semi-rural, surrounded back then by orchards, market gardens and poultry farms. The highlight of the year was packing up the car and going camping at Christmas with the family in the King Country at Dad's favourite trout fishing spot. 

What's your favourite track or hike?
In 2003 I walked a route from Torere (just past Opotiki on the East Coast of the North Island) through the Ruakumara ranges exiting near Ruatoria. There were two of us with three dogs and we spent a week carry and living out of our packs, catching wild pigs and foraging for food. As long as I'm in the hills with my dogs and good company they're all my favourite track. 

Favourite nosh?
It's pretty hard to beat a nice roast leg of hogget with vegetables. Or fresh fish marinated in lemon, add coconut cream, onion, chopped tomato and cucumber. Am I allowed two favourite's? I could easily add a third.

What you love most about guiding?
I like meeting new people. Everyone has interesting experience's and stories to share.

What did you do before you were a Nature and Nosh guide?
I have worked in drain-laying, building, demolition, earth moving and machine operating. The last ten years I've spent in the pest control industry, working for the Department of Conservation and the last five years I have run my own business as a professional hunter mainly focused on feral goat control. 

Favourite place you've been to outside of New Zealand?
I've been to Australia, loved Queensland - caught wild pigs there with an expat kiwi mate. Fiji, Rarotonga and the British Virgin Islands were all great. I'd love to go to Alaska one day!

What do you like to do when you're not working?
Anything that involve the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, horse riding, snorkelling, playing guitar and jamming with other musicians.


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