Our commitment to sustainable tourism

We are excited to announce that we have recently joined the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment programme.

We are so lucky to have so many beautiful tracks, mountains, waterfalls and coastlines across the Waikato and Coromandel regions. When we host visitors from around the world on our tours, it's so important to us that we contribute to our environments positively and practice sustainable business in whatever ways we can. 

New Zealand is renown for it's pristine natural environment, wildlife and landscapes - we want to see it kept that way, but we also want to see constant improvements.

Sustainability in business isn't just about the environment though, it's about business performance and productivity, staff and the local community and of course, visitor experience.

We are proud to join other like-minded tourism businesses in making the following commitments:

1. Sustainable Businesses: Focused on long-term financial performance.
2. Capital Investment: Businesses invest capital to grow, and/or improve quality and productivity.
3. Productivity: Businesses innovative and have effective strategies to mitigate the effects of seasonality.

4. Visitor Satisfaction: Businesses undertake customer satisfaction monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
5. Product and Market Development: Businesses innovate to improve or upgrade their offering to enhance visitor experience.
6. Visitor Engagement: Businesses educate visitors about New Zealand’s cultural and behavioural expectations.

Host Community
7. Sustainable Employment: Businesses pay a fair wage to all staff.
8. Quality Employment: Businesses support their workforce to flourish and succeed.
9. Community Engagement: Businesses actively engage with the communities in which they operate.
10. Sustainable Supply Chains: Businesses have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains.

11. Ecological Restoration: Businesses contribute to ecological restoration initiatives.
12. Carbon Reduction: Businesses have carbon reduction programmes towards carbon neutrality.
13. Waste Management: Businesses have waste reduction and management programmes.
14. Education: Businesses actively engage with their visitors and communities on the importance of restoring, protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment.

To read more about the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, visit the website here.


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