3 planning tips for your next holiday adventure

Adventures don't just happen. It would be nice if you could turn up at the airport, head wherever and have a great time, but that won’t often work. Every great adventure requires planning.

Whether it's organising your budget, finding the best flights, arranging your activities or making sure your accommodation is adequate, there is plenty to do to ensure your holiday is a success.

Planning can be part of the fun, though. You can use it as a time to really get excited about your trip. By following our top planning tips, you’ll notice your excitement levels building, helping to make sure your holiday is one you remember for years to come.

1. Be flexible when booking

If you are able to, being flexible when booking your holiday can help you save money. This could mean searching for a holiday around a variety of dates to try and find the best deal or a destination that you really want to visit.

For long-haul breaks, it is best to book as far in advance as you can, because the flights tend to be cheaper. Whereas short-haul trips can sometimes get cheaper the later you book them if you are willing to play that game. Either way, being flexible means you will have more money to spend actually enjoying your holiday when you get there.

2. Research your destination

In order to have the best adventure possible, you really need to research your destination. Find out exactly what attractions there are you might want to get involved with. You would, after all, hate it if you get back home, only to find out about something incredible you didn't get to experience.

There are plenty of guides out there about attractions and things to do off the beaten track. You could, for instance, find out about some of the best spots to go hiking from others who have sampled the routes already. You should also take the time to find out about the customs of your destination and how you should behave once you are there. Ben Groundwater's blog, The One Thing, which features on the 1Cover website, is great for keeping you informed about a destination. Do your research. 

3. Consider multiple destinations

If you are the type of person who gets bored easily with doing the same things every day while on holiday, you could consider organising a holiday with multiple destinations. This might take more planning - you might, for instance, need to book internal flights or trains, or you could even consider hiring a car.

Either way, it is going to take some research and planning to organise your accommodation and travel plans. Your hard work will really pay off when you get to see so much more than you would on a standard holiday. There is plenty of advice designed to make planning a trip with multiple destinations easier, so be sure to check some of it out.


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