I’m going overseas on a hiking trip: Do I need travel insurance?

You are all set for your hiking trip with your luggage packed, itinerary all planned out, hotels booked, and you begin to wonder whether or not you need travel insurance? You’ve already spent so much, why spend more on something that you may not even need? 

Well, that is how most travelers think and the following reasons should convince them to invest in travel insurance. It can end up saving you money if things go wrong.

A lifesaver when you have to cancel your trip

Emergencies can happen any time, there is no way to foresee it. Imagine getting injured a day before the flight or a close relative passing away which prevents you from going on the trip. Most of the money you’ve spent on bookings will be lost. Not with travel insurance though, you have a trip cancellation coverage which enables you to recover such out of pocket expenses.

You miss your flight or connecting flight

Let’s say you get to the airport late due to traffic, missing your flight. The airline will not reimburse you or find you another flight without you buying another ticket. At the same time, when you have a connecting flight with a different airline and end up missing it because of a delay in your first flight for whatever reason, that ticket is also gone. Travel insurance can help save you the cost of having to purchase another ticket, as it will cover such incidents. 

You arrive at the destination but your luggage hasn’t

For your hiking trip, you’ve packed a lot of gear which you will need. You wait patiently at baggage claim to find your luggage never arrives. You find out it was lost and the airline will take a few weeks to assess things before they can give you a reimbursement, some even longer. You can't keep waiting around to get reimbursed. In case of lost baggage, your travel insurance has baggage loss reimbursement which would refund you any money spent on buying new equipment, clothes, and so on without any hassle. 

You get injured while on the trip

As careful as you may be, you can come across an emergency at any time during the trip. Especially when hiking, the risk of badly twisting an ankle or just tripping and taking a tumble is there. You don’t want to have to worry about a lengthy hospital bill while you are on the trip. You want to have ease of mind and go out and about. Travel insurance would have you covered in the event of any incident. 

More and more travelers are starting to invest in travel insurance because they are aware of the benefits it offers. For a little fee, you get coverage for numerous accidental incidents that can happen before or during the trip which can end up costing you a whole lot more. So now the question is, what travel insurance coverage plan do you need?


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