Dream now, travel later: 5 reasons to plan your hiking holiday in NZ now

No one has the answer to the question of when we will all be able to travel overseas again. The world is doing it tough right now - but the earth is getting a bit of a breather from the relentless pace of our busy world and the negative impacts this has on our environment. 

Our mental health should be our number one priority at the moment. With most of us staying safe at home, many will be pining for mountains and fresh air. The good news is that the air is getting fresher, and the mountains aren't going anywhere. 

See this beautiful video of our earth breathing.

Yearning for adventures and exploration? Germans have word for this: fernweh, the “ache” to travel

The one thing we can all do right now is dream. And research. Seek inspiration for when the time comes and the world's borders are once again open. Here's five great reasons to start planning your dream hiking holiday in New Zealand now.

1. Your body will thank you for it

Let's be honest. Too much time in quarantine, isolation, lockdown is not great for your body! While many people are getting out for a walk, run or cycle, and some are embracing the home workout videos of the 80s, a lot of us are turning to cooking and baking for some light stress relief. When there's only a few of you around to eat your marvellous culinary creations, well, waste not, want not right? And you know what, that's totally fine! Indulging is sort of our thing too. But there's nothing like a week of hiking and exploring to get the blood pumping. Your leg muscles might need a bit of a shake up after this!

2. Your mind will thank you for it

After months on end of consuming the world's bleak media updates, we are going to need a complete break from it all. We are going to want to hit the reset button. Hearing the birds sing, waterfalls rush, the wind whistle through the bush and the waves crash will be like music to our ears. It will be even more magical after the constant white noise of the world's news. Let us be reminded of how restorative nature can be, and how we need it more than we realise. Reset, reconnect, re-energise.

3. Wide open spaces are safer

This one speaks for itself. In a post coronavirus world, people are going to be more conscious than ever of personal and others hygiene practices. Hiking outside, where we spend most of our time on tour, is going to be the best, safest, freshest place to be. 

4. New Zealand is one of the best places to be

It's becoming widely recognised that New Zealand has implemented one of the strictest crackdowns on this virus the many other countries around the world. In the words of our prime minister Jacinda Adern, "we went hard and we went early".  Closing off our borders and mandating a complete lockdown of our country has, after only two weeks started to pay off. It is still early days, however, being an island nation puts us in a unique position to be able to eliminate the virus and put strict controls on our borders around contact tracing. That's going to offer huge peace of mind for many travellers.

5. Support small businesses, help get our world economy turning again

You can't put a price on lives, but it's no secret the world's economy is, and will be dramatically affected after this. All businesses will be hurting, but New Zealand is built on the backs of small, family-run businesses. In fact, over 70% of all New Zealand owned business, are owner operated and almost 30% have less than 20 employees. These small businesses are the heart and soul of New Zealand. Like many small businesses around the world, they need support more than ever, the ensure they survive beyond the effects of coronavirus. 

So dream, plan, be inspired. When the time is right, we will welcome you.


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