Mountain musings from down south: Two-minute read

Mountain musings from our guide Irene. After an an SIX WEEK epic solo adventure in the Kahurangi National park in February and March, she sent me a message with the only reception she's had for a few weeks. It was so good to hear from her.

I asked her what the mountains are teaching her. Along with these beautiful photos, she sent me this reply that I thought I'd share with you all.

"We live in a beautiful country.

Scary can be good (afterwards).

Tadpoles and frogs live at 1300m just fine.

Dragon flies don't "drag" anything.

There is a need for greater awareness of how long seemingly "cold" ashes are still live (scrub fire at Mungo Hut this month, luckily missed the hut) - not me!

Solo is great for a time... then... bit lonely.

You can be on the West Coast and have great weather!

Backcountry dried mince is the best! (Sorry Kylie!)"

Sounds like she's letting the Nature & Nosh standards slip on the nosh side with that dried mince - but I bet it taste so good at the end of a long day scrambling up to ridge lines and tarns! 🌿


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